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Dr. Wargo has been our family dentist for 6 years now. We love love love her! We moved to Houston but schedule all of our dental work during visits back home. Seriously.....we really do!!! - Pam
Dr. Nikki is an amazing dentist! I recommend her to everyone! - Kelly
She has always taken care that I am pain free when I need work done. Thank you Dr. Nikki. - Roger
Love love love Dr. Wargo and her staff! They made me feel right at home and totally eliminated my fear of the dentist! - Angela
Dr. Nikki is the only dentist for me. She is awesome and so is her staff. I count my blessings for finding her years ago. - Kathy
I am SO glad that Dr. Wargo is my dentist. I am happy to recommend her and her wonderful staff for all of your dental needs! - Kim
Dr. Wargo is a fantastic dentist, she was recommended to me and I was and still am very satisfied. The staff is wonderful and they make you feel very comfortable. You're missing out if you don't have an appointment with her. - Monica
Dr. Wargo is a wonderful dentist. She is very gentle and has a great attitude. I would recommend her to any of my friends or family. - Christina
Dr. Wargo is a wonderful dentist. She makes you feel welcomed and is a very understanding person. Her office is absolutely beautiful and her staff is out of this world. I love going to see the dentist now. - Lalena
Love going to Dr. Wargo. She is a wonderful dentist and makes all of her patients feel comfortable. - Alicia
She is a gentle, soft handed dentist. I had a big filling done and was so surprised at how painless it was. Everyone kept saying it's not gonna hurt, it's not gonna didn't : ) - Lynn
The office is beautiful and the staff are all very helpful! Dr. Wargo is the best! - Natalia
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